The Team

Feathers Scattered in the Wind . . .

. . . was written by Tony Kendrew

          . . . between 1999 and 2013.

Tony was always writing pieces and poems, long before he was reading anything to anybody. In elementary school he remembers getting high marks for reading, but reading and writing of his own work didn't get under way until he was around fifty. Definitely a late starter! The poems just started coming faster and faster, with the help of friends and writing groups, until there were enough he felt strongly about to put onto a CD. This appeared in 2009 and was called Beasts and Beloveds.

Beasts and Beloveds attracted enough attention to keep the writing coming, and in 2012 Tony got a place on the MA Creative Writing programme at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David. There he met Dominic Williams, who runs the publishing company Iconau. Dominic offered to publish a collection of poems.

That was a happy moment, but perhaps Tony's greatest reward is a dead silence when he reads his poems. He also likes the occasional grunt. If pressed, he might admit that communication of awe is what it's really about.

. . . published by Dominic Williams at Iconau

          . . . in Glan-y-ffery, Wales.

. . . and is available from . . .

Amazon or Gwales in the UK and Europe - or via a link on the Buy the Book page,

and at all good bookshops.


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